Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Connor's Book Choice

Last night before bed, Connor picked out the book that he wanted to take to school. We have lots and lots of classics, tons of neat modern books, an offer from gigi for one of Drew's old books, and of course, a huge selection of John Deere and Caterpillar books. So, as you can see, Con chose one of his John Deere books that we read a lot! The kids in the class loved the book, so Connor made a great choice!

Do y'all notice that Connor is wearing a GREEN shirt?! I so do not think sometimes! Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and Ms. Nicole has reminded us to wear a green shirt all week on WEDNESDAY! I knew that today wasn't St. Patty's, but I mindlessly put this shirt on Con today. Luckily, we found a green t-shirt that will work just fine for tomorrow, so nobody will be able to sneak any pinches in.

We had baseball practice tonight, so Connor was sleepy and ready for bed after practice and a warm bath!

Have a great night, Connor is already asleep, and I am heading to bed myself.


  1. Love the book choice!! Somehow I knew it might have to do with tractors or equipment! :) And of course he needed to wear green yesterday, he had a John Deere book!! LOL I can't believe how much he has grown!! He will be reading to you before you know it!!

  2. Great book choice, Connor. It looks really interesting and looks like alot happening at that farm, especially with tractors! I bet you know the whole book by heart. You are a very smart grandson and we love you very much. Keep on reading. Love, Gigi