Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Batter up!

Drew and I both had the day off today. We surprised Connor and checked him out of school at 12. He was so happy to get to leave school a little early, and of course, he wanted a happy meal. He loves McDonald's (hmmm, where could he get that from)? After running some errands, we went to the park to practice baseball. Connor did awesome! We are hoping for the same kind of effort tomorrow evening at his first game of the season. Let's hope he doesn't get shy with all of his fans there watching, haha!

My Papa Bud came home today, and he is feeling much better. Thank goodness. I know he and my Nanny will be happy to sleep in their own bed. Even with my Nanny running around like crazy trying to get things taken care of at home yesterday, she still managed to make Connor his favorite sandwich while Mom took her car to put gas in it. We are ALL so spoiled by her, and she will never know how much we love her and my Papa.

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