Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks to the beautiful weather this afternoon, Connor got to ride his four wheeler, help Papa wash the truck, swing on the swing set, and just get some fresh air while playing outside! We love sunny days! 

I am taking Con to the dentist tomorrow to have a fitting for the spacers for a tooth that was pulled in the back of his mouth so that his jaw line and teeth spacing aren't severely affected. Although it has been a pain in the neck to have to visit the dentist so much while Con is so young, we LOVE our dentist! They are the best, and they have been so wonderful in every aspect. Uncle Erick loves to give us a hard time about all of the "fam visits" aka familiarization visits that we went to while getting Connor used to the big dentist experience. But, all joking aside - he was terrified and filled with anxiety and refused treatment by any dentist until we met this wonderful pediatric dentist that had endless patience with Connor. So, it was worth all of the trips to get all of the yucky stuff in his mouth taken care of :)

Also...the verdict is in...we will be giving baseball another shot this year. We will be signing up this weekend.

I am off to bed since we need to be in Roswell at 9:30 in the morning. Good night!

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