Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sweet dreams...

I just snapped this pic with my iPhone tonight while putting Connor to bed. He is snuggling tight with "Luvvy." Bedtime has been a bit of a challenge for us lately. Tonight, Connor tried to convince us that he "seriously sleeps better when he watches tv at night" and that "he isn't trying to play a joke on us." Ha! He is such a persuasive little booger! We've got to get back into some kind of routine. These after 9 bedtimes aren't cutting it when it is time to rise and shine in the morning for school. Oh well, he is definitely sleeping peacefully at the moment. Sweet Dreams!


  1. Haha - those excuses crack me up! I can hear him saying that.

  2. Sweet Dreams to you every night, Connor. It is so precious to watch those long eye lashes fall on your little boy cheeks as you finally give up and fall asleep. It is great when you spend the night with Gigi and Pa! I love the stories. Keep 'em coming. Love , Gigi