Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It is safe to say that we are all happy that this week is only a 4 day work/school week. Tomorrow is the half way point, yay! Connor told us tonight at supper that "no blacks are allowed at the park." We all were a little shocked to hear him say this, but then he explained that Mrs. Pat taught him about MLK Jr and the reason that we were out of school on Monday. He explained to me on the way home all about Mr. Martin Luther. No worries, he isn't learning racism at his school. He just didn't tell the full story at first! Connor had a visitor at his Nona & Papa's house today...Abigail! She came over after school, and Connor played so well with her. They had lots of snacks and made a big tent. On the way home earlier, Connor tried to fall asleep on me (at 6:15 PM). That wouldn't have been a good idea, so I kept him awake and am actually putting him to bed at 7:45 since he is one sleepy little dude! We are off to put on pajamas & brush our teeth. Sweet dreams xoxo!

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