Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Weekend...

Though the weekend has flown by, it has been both fun and relaxing! Connor spent the night with GiGi & Pa on Friday night, and he was very excited to spend time with them. Saturday morning we all met up at Avery's basketball game, and Con got to play with his little cousins. After Ave's game, we all went to La Parilla to eat lunch. As we were leaving, several people were staring at all of our kiddos (Lee, Avery, Erin, and Cam were with us) walking out and trying to put the kids with the parents. They probably knew right away that Connor is Drew's child, but the others may have been tricky to determine! ha! We made it to Garrett's game at Buffington, and Drew yelled at the team several times. Wow...that's a look into the future! Since we have been to quite a few basketball games lately, I am so excited for Connor to play next year (and hope he loves it just as much as Drew did)! But, I also look at my "little" cousins Garrett and Dalton and realize how they are not so little anymore. It is bitter sweet. Before we know it, Connor will be one of those tall & lanky boys running around like a maniac on the court. So, once again...I am reminded to soak in every second of this sweet little age of 5. Next week is going to be a full 5 day week for everyone in school, what will we all do!? We have been spoiled with these 4 day work weeks.

Also, last night we attended a benefit for Brian & Tina. It is such a blessing to live in a sweet, southern, Christian community where people come out to support others going through a hard time. It was good to see several people from our old church, some of them mean the world to me. I was saved there, and I grew up there for the most part. It was also good to see my Mamaw and Papa. Papa was wearing a Georgia Tech hat at the benefit...maybe I should take him a UGA or Alabama hat sometime this week. If I gave it to him, I am sure he would wear it! :)

We didn't make it to church this morning, because our power was out. We were looking forward to going, but we will definitely be there next sunday. (Daddy asked me last week if we were converting to the one sunday a month plan, what would I do without him to keep me in line?)  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe if the roads are wet this week.

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  1. Y'all did have an action packed weekend and we are so thankful to spend time with y'all at several events. We did have a good time playing with Connor on Friday night. I forgot how much fun it is to build huts and jump around while the dog is chasing us. Love being a grandparent! You are the best, Connor!!! Love you, Gigi