Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5th Birthday Recap

Nona made cupcakes for Connor's class, and I took them to school on his birthday. Everyone loved all of the safari animals. Of course, Con wanted a cupcake with an elephant on it. :)

Connor loves his buddy, "Seth Dunn"

Ms. Nicole snapped a picture of Connor and I before I had to head back to work after delivering the cupcakes.

Connor opening one of his many presents at his birthday party. Everyone was so generous and gave Connor lots of goodies. Thanks to you all.

I love this picture.

Sydney and Connor. These two have always loved each other so much.

Connor and Lane :)

The birthday prince. He was making such a funny face, he was loving the spotlight!

Since I didn't blog in November about the big 5th birthday that Connor celebrated, I think I will do a little recap tonight. Connor told us at the beginning of November that he wanted to have his party at Chuck E Cheese, so we gladly obliged. It was super easy to have his party there, the only thing we had to provide was a cake and some goodie bags for the kiddos that joined us for the party.

Thanks to everyone who made Connor's 5th Birthday so fun! It is hard to believe that he is 5.

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