Monday, May 4, 2009

Connor has been loving "I Spy" and "Which hand is it in?" lately. It is too funny, because he says "Which hand is IN it?" !!! And, when he plays I spy..he says "I spy with my little eyes..." It is the cutest thing ever. Oh, he also beat his Daddy at tic tac toe the other night...really (drew didn't let him)!! He is too smart for his own good!

I wish we could video every second of everything he does, because he is growing so fast. We love our sweet baby boy more than anything in this world.

Sorry, no pictures today =) But, I am going to upload some new ones from my camera tonight, hopefully.

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  1. Even though no pictures, I can visualize your little face and that little boy "twinkle" in your eyes when you ask "which hand is in it?". Just seeing the world through a four-year olds eyes is an amazing gift from God. We feel so blessed to have a healthy and smart grandson. Keep on learning, Connor. They are going to love you at school! Love you lots, Gigi