Friday, April 10, 2009

First Baseball Game

These are just a few pictures from Connor's first baseball game of 2009. We were late (talk about feeling horrible)! He did good. But, the funnest part of these games is to watch all of the different personalities of the kids. It is so hilarious.

The top picture was at the end of the game, and I think Connor was running toward me thinking "Whew, I made it through!!!" haha.


  1. Your game was fun to watch and we enjoy watching you play ball, especially your "fast" running! I love you new background, it is so perfect for you, I "dig" it! LOL!!! Hope you liked your new digger sandbox, maybe the weather will be warmer the next time you play with it! Love, Gigi

  2. As always you are so cute in anything you do!!!You did so good at your ball game. Ashley took several pictures of you at your game before she left for France and that kept her from being so home sick!! Love you very much!!Nona