Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring is here...

These are pictures of us at Dalton's baseball game in the beginning of March. Connor fell and hit his head (after mommy and daddy told him to stop climbing 6 million times)! The "boo boo" is gone now, so we are happy! These pictures crack me up. Connor is being all "cool" in the pic with his Aunt Ashy. And, he thinks his Uncle Chad is "the best." Then, Nona is petting him after his little tumble..of course ;-)
On this same day, we had Sydney's birthday party. I will post pictures from that later. I am a little behind on the March events. I will catch up. I promise! We had a busy, busy, busy weekend and at 9:07 A.M., Connor is still asleep. Have a good week everyone =)

Friday, March 27, 2009


I promise..Updates are coming soon. Stay tuned ;-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Welcome to Connor's blog. This blog is for close family and friends only. Mainly, Connor's blog is being created to ensure that as many memories of him are kept as often as possible. As I was updating Connor's "baby book" today, I realized that it is impossible for me to write down every funny thing or changing stage in his life. So I decided to start a blog for him. This blog is private, so the only people that can look at it are the ones that Drew and I choose. Nobody else can access this blog in anyway. I will try to update every single day, but I am not making any promises! On Connor's blog, I will post pictures of him and our family. I will post about funny things he has said or done that day or week. I will keep track of his sports, etc. You can visit as often as you like and leave comments. =)
Please don't think I am "crazy" for doing this, haha. I think it will be so neat to have all of this for him when he is older. We are constantly on the run, and with a blog I can post pictures or stories straight from my blackberry.
**AGAIN...I want to reiterate that nobody can see this blog unless I have allowed them to. Unless I have invited you, it does not even exist (can't search for it or happen upon it, it is PRIVATE)! We all know how protective I am about stuff like this ;-)